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Keynotes & Motivational Speaking by Neuroscientist and Drum Circle Facilitator Stephen Dolle

This page is still under development. I have earlier keynote information also at, but it has not been updated.

My November 2014 interview on the Therapy Cable internet network is also linked below. As for speaking & keynotes, I can speak on the following topics. I also perform world percussion with scientist, Doug Schoon, at special fundraisers (audio samples provided below).

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Speaking Topics & Specialties

Drumming for the Brain / Brain Wave Entrainment / Team Building

Hydrocephalus Care & Treatment

Innovation and Design of the DiaCeph Test/Utilization of mHealth Apps

Cognitive Accessibility Accommodations / Cognitive Disabilities

Motivation Speaking: Learning, Overcoming Adversity, Adapting to Change

Assistive Technology and Mobile Apps

Keynote Information at










 Interview of Circle of Insight TV w/ Carlos Vazquez - Part 2: What is Drum Therapy



The audio samples below were recorded on my mobile phone, from my first official practice with hand pan/didgeridoo percussionists, Doug Schoon. Our play & recording was entirely "improvisational." With a few more practice sessions, I am confident we will be able to play an organized session at your fundraiser or special event. Contact me with your interest & feedback.


World Percussion Audio Samples from Rehearsal: Music Performances for Fundraisers

1. Udu & Didgeridoo Mix - 5.5 min MPEG-4 audio

2. Hand Pan & Djembe Mix - 3 min MPEG-4 audio

3. Didgeridoo with Up Tempo Djembe Beats - 5 min MPEG-4 audio

4. Didgeridoo w/ Udu & Eclectic Percussion Mix - 3.5 min MPEG-4 audio

5. Conga and Didgeridoo w/ World Percussion Mix - 6 min MPEG-4 audio



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