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Stephen Dolle Provides Drum Circle Facilitation, Keynotes, and Hydrocephalus Monitoring

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My life & work are not an everyday story!

I initially graduated from the University of Cincinnati back in 1976 with a degree in nuclear medicine technology, and went to work as a nuclear medicine technologist. In my very first job out of school, I opened up a nuclear medicine department at the Terre Haute Regional Hospital in Indiana, and served as the chief technologist. At 21, I was even holding in-service lectures for hospital physicians eager to learn about this new field. But I got bored after a year, and took a job in chemical sales in Cincinnati, only to be confined to QA & product development work as the industry struggled with new strict EPA standards. Oddly enough, I was doing the work of a chemist, but with only one year of college chemistry.

A year later (1978), I moved to Orange County, CA, and settled back into nuclear medicine at Hoag Memorial Hospital since the economy was still in the tank. I worked here for 3 and 1/2 years, and left in 1982 to start my own imaging company, Certified Nuclear Imaging, which I ran until my auto accident in 1992.

Since 1982, I've founded 3 companies. But, it was my efforts after my 1992 brain injury and hydrocephalus that attracted other's interests. You never know what you're capable of until you are truly tested. And going from a fit and active healthy male and father at 37, to undergoing a series of brain shunt operations, not being able to care for yourself, or be a father to your own child - was difficult on so many levels. But on the flip side, it left me with no "down side risk." I mean, once you loose it all, there's not much else to fear. And a year later, I was left functionally at about the age of a 12 year old.

I grew up Catholic and over the course of my youth, developed a strong interest in the “unseen.” This was further propelled during my high school years. As I entered high school, I also was tested for music aptitude and received the highest score possible. I suspect that is what is termed "perfect pitch." I had been a pianist since age 5 or 6, and was discovered at school as a vocalist and studied and toured with a group of adult vocalists from age 10-12. I also had been writing and notating songs since the age of about 8 or 9. Little did I know, these interests or "abilities" would hold a clue to what I would later do.

In 1981, while exploring a couple of mind-body therapies, I serendipitously developed the skill of “medical intuitive,” and began to know the specific progression of the illness in many of my patients before test results were out. But there weren’t many applications for this at that time. Not like today. In 1982, I founded my own imaging company, Certified Nuclear Imaging, and over the next 10 years provided imaging services in over 50 hospitals and imaging centers. During those years, I was also able to continue use of my "intuitive" abilities in sales & business development, acting for film & theatre, for my own personal health, for survival skills, and in a limited capacity in my medical work. I also used it to help friends and family.

In 1989, I returned to school at the University of Phoenix in Orange County, CA, and received my B.S.B.A., which helped in my newer consulting work with Certified Nuclear Imaging. Between 1989 and 1992, I had also become involved in area fundraising and marketing outside of the medical field. In 1992, while returning home from a Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce arts fundraiser with the Great American Race, I was involved in an automobile accident and ended up requiring a CNS shunt for hydrocephalus. After my initial surgeries and less than expected recovery, I took up an interest in the neurosciences and began to gather medical studies and Food & Drug Administration information on CNS shunt devices. From there, I began to explore new brain science and applications in music therapy, assistive cognitive methods, and medical diagnostics. My past work in nuclear medicine and research did become very critical in regaining my cognitive skills and my efforts in FDA advocacy.

In 1996, I petitioned the Food & Drug Administration on little known safety issues with one of my CNS shunt devices, which I felt might be in part responsible for my slow recovery. And then a year later, I designed & patented the DiaCeph Test, an artificial intelligence (AI) type neuro-monitoring method of monitoring hydrocephalus and CNS shunt function. And in 1998, I used the DiaCeph Test manual method on paper to help direct my corrective surgery. However, I found the field & FDA not to be very cooperative and forward thinking. And it would not be until 2008, that for the first time all of the swelling was drained off my brain - 16 years. I was unable to bring much progress to the treatment despite all my efforts.

FDA Petition on


DiaCeph Test could be Mobile Data App


Since my 1996 FDA petition on anti-siphon shunts, there have been quite a few shunts cleared by FDA and put on the market that led to unnecessary shunt malfunctions and/or corrective surgery for me and hundreds of thousands of other Americans. I've now undergone a total of 12 shunt revisions since 1992. And I have criticized FDA and industry for this. I literally see and dream about mHealth and EHR designs, but do not receive consulting offers because of my public criticism. At some point, we all have to draw lines in the sand as far as the hypocrisy and failures we can live with.

But with my wealth of experience and research in hydrocephalus and the neurosciences, I host global information on hydrocephalus monitoring and drumming for the brain on on my DolleCommunications Blog.

My interests in the neurosciences led to discoveries in sound & music, cognition, and eventually drumming. In recent years, all my neuroscience efforts are listed on my cognitive neurosciences web page. Since 2004, I've created numerous applications for drumming or drum circles for wellness, education & learning, team sports, and even methods to improve safety and efficiency in driving a car. My relationship with the “unseen” and intuitive abilities continues today in my work with drum circles, and keynote speaking on the brain and opportunities today.

I am the father of a 36 year old son, and was very connected to sports, coaching, and teamwork for many years. I have coached on perhaps twenty of my son’s little league baseball and AYSO soccer teams, and have volunteered and fundraised for a variety of causes. I have also put on drumming events for many Orange County area organizations.


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