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You've reached the cognitive neurosciences and speaker web site of Stephen Dolle in Orange County, California. I am a global activist in brain health and learning, hydrocephalus care & treatment, music and the brain, mHealth, and cognitive accessibility. 

I became a neuroscientist after a 1992 brain injury and onset of the condition, hydrocephalus. With a background in medical imaging and nuclear medicine, I became a patient advocate of FDA oversight, and designer of one of the earliest mobile apps, the DiaCeph Test for hydrocephalus. But, I could never get enough funding or support for its development.

Since 2005, I have been a drum circle facilitator, where I use drumming for a broad spectrum of medical conditions, team building, employee wellness, and causes. Plus I play world percussion, and organize a variety of drum circle events and local outreach.

I love to speak and deliver keynotes and motivational talks on my experiences, my work with drumming, basketball, hydrocephalus, mHealth, and learning. I am based out of Orange County, California. As of 2014, I've undergone 12 brain shunt operations for hydrocephalus, where I use my DiaCeph Test methods on paper forms and charts to co-direct my surgeries. And I also answer questions, provide patient consults & monitoring, and provide global information on  hydrocephalus.

I am available for speaking and drumming demonstrations. Be sure to visit my Dolle Communications Blog and latest posts, including, my very popular blog on BASKETBALL


Drum Circles & Facilitation - In my drum circle facilitation work, I put on drumming events & therapeutic workshops for health & wellness organizations with an emphasis on brain health, wellness, stress reduction, and movement disorders. Drumming is also a highly effective tool in fitness and weight loss. In my team building practice, I put on drumming for workplace wellness to help develop employee skills, leadership, volunteering, and community outreach. Since 2004, I've provided a variety of these services to many different organizations.

From Mindfulness to Traditional Neuroscience - Though my neurosciences and mindfulness practices began in the early 1970s with psychology, ESP, and philosophy, it wasn't until a 1992 auto accident changed my life and left me with a CNS shunt and hydrocephalus, that I became formally involved in the neurosciences. I had worked as a nuclear medicine technologist from 1976 until the time of my accident in 1992. In 1981, I serendipitously developed skills as a medical intuitive. My initial efforts following my 1992 injury were in hydrocephalus research, CNS shunt dynamics, and Food & Drug Administration regulatory affairs. Next, it was cognition, learning methods, assistive technology, diagnostic technology, and then music therapy. My 1996 FDA petition on CNS shunts then led me to design a hydrocephalus monitoring method that I wanted to run on a PDA. I was able to design this because of my strong math, software, and diagnostic imaging background, where I frequently wrote diagnostic procedures & set up medical instrumentation. Today, my DiaCeph method could be a mobile mHealth app.

Healing thru Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Drumming - My challenges with hydrocephalus led me to do research in the cognitive neurosciences, music therapy, and in sensory processing disorders (SPD). I had been dealing with the effects of SPD within a few years of my hydrocephalus. My music therapy activities with piano, guitar, and vocals serendipitously led me to drumming in 2004. And I began to have awakening moments, or spiritual experiences, during drum circles! I dug deeper into drumming, and wow - what a perfect fit. In 2005, I refocused my efforts in drumming, the cognitive neurosciences, and earlier mind-body medicine (I got heavy into it in the 1970s-80s). As I got deeper into my drum circle facilitation practice, I came to define my work as both "shamanism," and as "nuts & bolts." One you can prove. The other, you just know it exists. Together they define what we know of the brain today. I dug deeper into drumming for the brain applications. My experiences in psychology from coaching youth sports, caring for sick and dying patients in nuclear medicine, and in my film & theatre study, with experiences as a medical intuitive, and the nuts & bolts of the hydrocephalus neurosciences - were tailor made for drum circle facilitation! I really understand a great deal about the brain & human behavior. In 1981, I serendipitously developed skills as a medical intuitive. No doubt these experiences prepared me for my work today in hydrocephalus, drumming, and the neurosciences, and in my interests in keynote and motivational speaking. In my June 2015 blog on basketball (and drumming), I discuss mindfulness in great detail. I'd be happy to speak on mindfulness, learning, and healing. 


Era of the Brain - I think it's safe to say today that the era of the brain has arrived. Yet, there is so much to be done in awareness, solutions, and accommodations for brain health. As a nation, we're too quick to prescribe medication, when there are a vast array of interventional therapies under integrative medicine, and the many modalities available to us under the healing arts. I have become a brain injury and brain health advocate, and have advocated for both our homeless and prison population, where many are reported to suffer from brain and/or learning disorders. With this also comes an affinity for drug and/or alcohol abuse, followed by mental & behavioral health problems. I am a disability advocate for "cognitive accessibility," and believe companies, municipalities, organizations, and others should undertake more effort to make their products, services, instructions, web sites, and facilities more available to persons with brain & cognitive disabilities. It is too complex a subject to cover here. I am developing the web site, plus host content on this topic on my main web site.

mHealth Apps - I continue to stay up to date in hydrocephalus care & treatment in support of my own health, and so that I can continue to provide patient consults and hydrocephalus monitoring. I am still interested in a DiaCeph type of mobile or mHealth app for hydrocephalus. It appears the evolution of mHealth apps in the U.S. continues to be plagued by politics. It may take some celebrity, top physician, or technology philanthropist to alter the dynamics of this stalemate. As I had designed and patented my DiaCeph mHealth app for hydrocephalus way back in 1997 to run on a PDA, I feel qualified to consult and speak on this subject today. I earlier spent 17 years in nuclear medicine technology, and was very adept in clinical medicine, and regularly wrote diagnostic  imaging procedures. I try and stay up to date on clinical medicine and the elements that go into the design of mHealth applications.

Please review my web site information. If something interests you, feel free to contact me. Feel free to join my social networks below. And enjoy Part 1 of a recent Internet TV interview on drumming therapy. Part 2 you will find on my "keynotes" page.

Interview of Circle of Insight TV w/ Carlos Vazquez - Part 1: Drumming to Better Health




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My primary web site is which has been online since 2003, and has seen many updates over 11 years. My original domain that was used for my DiaCeph Test,, points to my main site. My Dolle Communications Blog has weekly posts on the brain, drumming, and technology and is a much read.

More than 5 years ago, I bought the domain,, to write about technology & assistive technology, and that also still points to my main site. I also use "Professor Mac" in some of my online & social networking.

In 2013, I fulfilled a long time promise in creating a fun web site for hydrocephalus outreach - It's a must see for those of you with creative minds.

I am still in development of, and hope to have it online soon. I had earlier been organizer of a Meetup under this name.

Lastly, I am creating a new site on Cognitive Accessibility to address the enumerable cognitive needs & accommodations of persons with neurological, learning, and cognitive disabilities today. In the interim, I host a web page on cognitive accessibility at


Keynotes - still under development. Please contact me. I have earlier Keynote information at


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